Being the New Mrs.

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Happy Easter!


Hey everyone. My name is Missy and I am 25 years old. I got married last June, which is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
I have two sisters, one older (Vicki) and one younger (Jackie). Vicki has the perfect life, married and they both have great jobs. I am happy for them but she looks down on anyone who doesn’t see or do things her way. Jackie is having a tougher time. She is trying to raise my three year old nephew (Aidan) by herself and she is unemployed.
My mom favors them. Vicki is the best and the brightest while Jackie is the baby of the family, just like mom was. That just leaves my dad and I. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a few years ago. My sisters don’t want anything to do with him unless it helps them out, so that means it`s up to me to take care of him when it gets bad.
Luckily my in-laws are amazing. My husband (Jacob) is the oldest of six then it is Josh, Ben, Rachael, Daniel and Noah. Josh is ……Josh . Ben and Rachael are going to college next year. Daniel is the quietest one and Noah is a 11 year old ball of energy that can’t be told no. My father-in-law (Gary) works at NOAA and my mother-in-law (Ruth) is a school bus driver.
We are living with them trying to do what it takes to get ahead. It can get crazy but we are a tight knit family. I know that Jacob loves being so close to everyone.